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Bathroom Essential Kit

Bathroom Essential Kit

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Embrace gentle luxury with The Organic Supplies' Bathroom Essentials Kit.

This curated collection of nature's finest ingredients is all you need for radiant skin and healthy hair.

This kit includes:

Detoxify & Glow:

    • Charcoal Face Wash: Activated charcoal detoxifies, botanicals hydrate, glow for all skin in one simple step.

Tropical Bliss:

    • Exotic Body Wash: Dive into island bliss with this organic body wash, nourishing with tropical luxury and doubling as decadent hand & foot cream.

Nourished Hair, Happy Hair:

    • Organic Shampoo Suite: Pamper your mane from cradle to crown with this gentle, sulphate-free wash, powered by nature for daily hair bliss.

Unleash Silky Smoothness:

Experience the Bliss:

    • Sparkling Skin: Lather up the Charcoal Face Wash, gently massage, and rinse clean. Hello, radiant glow!
    • Tropical Treat: Squeeze Exotic Body Wash, lather, and indulge in a refreshing clean. Paradise found!
    • Happy Hair: Wet your hair, massage in Organic Shampoo Suite, rinse, and repeat for extra sudsy fun!
    • Silky Smoothness: Apply Organic Conditioner Suite after shampooing, wait a bit, then rinse. Enjoy the silky feeling!

Tip: Pair the Shampoo and Conditioner Suites for the ultimate hair care duo. Use a wide-tooth comb for easier detangling while rinsing conditioner. Store products in a cool, dry place.

Let nature take care of you. Order your Organic Supplies' Bathroom Essentials Kit now!

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Customer Reviews

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Ram A Reddy.
Recently Ordered Best Combo.

Recently Ordered Best Combo at low cost. results are amazing & looks premium.

Dr.P Raj Shaker
Top of the line.

We have used Bathroom Essentials Kit. I must say its really Worth Buying !!