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ntroducing our Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Serum: Nature's Secret for Lustrous Locks! Unlock the beauty of healthier, stronger hair with our Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Serum. This meticulously crafted elixir harnesses the power of nature to nurture your hair from root to tip, leaving you with a mane that exudes vitality and radiance.

Hair Regrowth Combo

The Organic Supplies Exotic Elixir Is An Organic Blend Of Carrier & Essential Oils Only, Without Any Base Oil Or Chemicals. This Blend Was Specifically Formulated For Every Individual That Suffers From Some Or The Other Hair Issues Today & Also Keeping In Mind All Age Groups. Exotic Elixir Has Been Very Effective In Combating Many Hair Related Issues & When Combined With ROSEMARY OIL, It Helps In Hair Regrowth.   PROCEDURE : Exotic Elixir Serum Is To Be Applied Directly Onto Hair & Scalp, Massage For A Minute & Leave Overnight. Hair Wash The Next Morning. Preferably With A Paraben Free Shampoo. This Procedure Can Be Done Everyday (or) Every Alternate Day. In Combination With Rosemary, Mix 1 Tablespoon Exotic Elixir With 2-3 Drops Of Rosemary Oil And Apply On Scalp & Hair With Fingertips & Massage For A Couple Of Mins & Leave Overnight For Best Results.
Exotic Elixir Hair Serum Bottle With Organic Natural Oils

Exotic Elixir Hair Serum

(Regrowth, Volume, Shine, Thickness & Conditioning) One of our best sellers, The Organic Supplies Exotic Elixir is an organic blend of carrier and essential oils without any base oil or chemicals added to it. This blend can be used by all age groups and is specifically curated to target all hair concerns in one go. Procedure: Our bestseller Exotic Elixir is to be applied directly onto the scalp and the ends of your hair. After massaging for a minute, it is to be left overnight and washed the next morning. For the best results, this procedure can be followed thrice a week. If you choose to use it in combination with Rosemary/ Argan/ Jamaican Castor or Tea Tree oil, mix 1 tablespoon of Exotic Elixir with 4-5 drops of your choice of oil and apply. Our Exotic Elixir has been proven to be extremely effective in combating multiple hair related issues. When combined with Rosemary oil, it helps promote hair regrowth. Mixed with Moroccan Argan oil, it helps condition rough and frizzy hair. Along with our Jamaican Black Castor oil, it helps increase hair volume and adds thickness to hair. Along with Tea Tree oil, Exotic Elixir helps heal an itchy scalp and reduces dandruff. 

Lash & Brow Serum

(Conditioning, Thickness & Volume) The Organic Supplies Lash and Brow serum is a special blend including organic carrier oils that have been proven for strengthening hair cuticles, helping them grow to their full potential. This serum shows its results within 3 to 4 weeks of regular application. Procedure: Our lash and brow serum can be applied twice daily. We recommend using this product before bed for it to stay on and work all night.
A bottle of tea tree oil with a dropper.

Tea Tree Oil 10ML

Uses Of Tea Tree Oil :-
  • For Skin (Acne & Pimpes): Mix 3-4 Drops Of TeaTree Oil With Half Teaspoon Of Our Organic AloeVera Gel & Apply To Affected Area & Leave Overnight
  • For Dandruff/ Lice/ Itchy or Flaky Scalp: Mix 4-5 Drops Of TeaTree Oil With Our Exotic Elixir Serum & Massage Onto Scalp With Fingertips.
Image of a clear glass bottle labeled 'Rosemary Oil Hair Growth Serum' with a green, leafy rosemary sprig inside, symbolizing a natural hair care product.

Rosemary Oil 10ML

(Hair Re-growth, Repellant, Relieves Stress) Rosemary Essential Oil Extracted from the rosemary shrub, Rosemary Essential Oil is largely known for its aroma and flavor in the culinary field. It is a potent oil that needs to be mixed with other oils to attain its plethora of skin, hair and overall health benefits. Rosemary oil can also reduce alopecia when applied twice a week for a few months. Usage:-
  • For Hair Growth: Dilute 4-5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil with coconut oil to promote hair growth.
A bottle of aloe vera gel and a bottle of tea tree oil. These two products are often used together to treat acne.

Anti Acne Combo

TeaTree Oil Has Been Well Researched For Its Antiseptic, Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties Which Is Extremely Helpful In Treating Pimples, Acne, White Heads, Skin Irritation, Insect Bite Rashes Etc TeaTree Oil Can Be Used For Spot Pimple Treatment Directly But Has To Be Used In Combination With AloeVera Gel For Whole Face Application. Procedure : Mix Half Teaspoon AloeVera & 2-3 Drops Of  TeaTree Oil & Apply Onto Affected Area, Increase The Quantity As Per The Area Of Application. Leave Overnight For Best Results & Face Wash Next Morning Preferably With A Mild Face Wash, Do Not Use Soap On Face.
A bottle of golden sea buckthorn oil against a backdrop of vibrant orange sea buckthorn berries and lush green leaves.

Ultimate Skin Repair Combo

Sea Buckthorn Oil & Golden Jojoba Oil Are Two Such Serums Who’s Advantages On Skin Cannot Be Put In Words. While Golden Jojoba Oil Mimics the Skin Sebum to Repair & Nourish the Skin for The Glass Finish Sea Buckthorn Oil Penetrates Skin to Repair It From The Inside, Healing Acne Marks, Dark Spots, Blemishes, Pigmentation Marks Etc. Procedure- These Two Oils Can Either Be Applied Together In The Same Ratio Or It’s Recommended To Use Them As A Single Oil Every Other Day, So Much So That It Covers The Face Evenly
Sea Buckthorn Oil: A Vibrant Amber Liquid in a Glass Bottle"

Sea Buckthorn Oil 10ML

Sea Buckthorn Oil Uses
  • For Reducing Dark-Spots/ Acne Scars/ Pigmentation / Pimple Marks: Apply Sea Buckthorn Oil Onto Face And Neck Generously & Massage For A Couple Of Minutes & Leave Overnight For Best Results
  • For Oil Cleansing: For Remarkably Smooth, Clean And Moisturised Skin, After Washing Your Face Thoroughly, Put 4-5 Drops Of Sea Buckthorn Oil On A Damp Washcloth, Then Wipe It Around Your Face To Leave It On Overnight. Post Oil Cleansing, You Can Also Follow Up With Your Regular Skincare Routine.

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