Lavender Oil 10ML

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(Dark Circles, Insomnia, Relieves Menstrual Cramps, Hair Growth)

Derived from the flower of its plant, Lavender Oil has been one of the most popular and versatile essential oils. Although well known for its aroma, lavender oil is also extremely useful in aiding skin and hair issues.

Usage for different purposes:

  • For skin-related issues: To treat dry, itchy skin issues like eczema, inflammation and irritation, mix 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil with tea tree oil.
  • Apply our lavender essential oil as an Insect Repellent. 
  • For hair-related issues: Apply 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil with coconut oil to promote hair growth and strengthen hair.
  • To reduce dandruff and kill lice, apply a few drops onto the scalp.
  • For Insomnia: Before bed, to improve the overall quality of your sleep, apply 2-3 drops underneath your eyes.
  • For relieving menstrual cramps: apply a few drops onto your lower abdomen and massage well.
  • For aromatherapy: add 2-3 drops to a diffuser to lift your mood.


Lavender Oil For Insomnia & Menstrual Cramps

Say Goodbye To Insomnia With Lavender Oil.

Are You Struggling To Fall Asleep At Night? Lavender May Be The Solution For You. With Its Calming Properties, This Essential Oil Can Help Soothe Your Mind And Body, Making It Easier To Relax And Fall Asleep.

Unlike Other Sleep Aids, Lavender Is Completely Natural And Non-Habit Forming, Making It A Safe And Effective Way To Treat Insomnia.

Simply Add A Few Drops To Your Diffuser Or Apply It Topically To Your Wrists And Enjoy A Peaceful Night’s Sleep.

Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally

Dealing With Menstrual Cramps Can Be A Real Pain. But Did You Know That Lavender Can Help? With Its Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesic Properties, Lavender Oil Can Help Reduce The Pain And Discomfort Associated With Menstrual Cramps.

Simply Mix A Few Drops With A Carrier Oil, Such As Coconut Oil, And Massage Onto Your Lower Abdomen For Relief.

Lavender Can Also Help Reduce The Severity Of Mood Swings And Headaches Associated With Pms.

Say Goodbye To Dark Circles & Brighten Your Eyes

Dark Circles Can Make You Look Tired And Run Down, Even When You’re Well-Rested. Luckily, Lavender Can Help! Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties Can Help Reduce Puffiness And Dark Circles Under Your Eyes.

Simply Mix A Few Drops With A Carrier Oil And Gently Massage The Area Around Your Eyes Before Bed. Wake Up To Brighter, More Youthful-Looking Eyes With The Power Of Lavender Oil.

The Benefits, Why Choose Lavender Oil?

Lavender Is A Versatile And Powerful Essential Oil That Offers A Wide Range Of Benefits. Not Only Does It Promote Relaxation And Sleep, But It Can Also Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety, Improve Skin Health, And Even Boost Your Mood. Additionally.

Lavender Is Completely Natural And Free From Harmful Chemicals, Making It A Safe And Eco-Friendly Choice For Those Looking To Improve Their Overall Health And Wellness.

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1 review for Lavender Oil 10ML

  1. Aarushi

    Great product
    Gives good results at relatively low cost. I saw improvement in a week. Quantity is also good. On top of everything, it is 100% natural.

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